Aunt Maple’s Banana Chocolate Pancake Mix

aunt maple's banana chocolate pancake mix

There’s something special about pancakes.

Pancakes on their own, are fluffy, sweet, and make you feel all warm and cozy inside. It’s the ultimate breakfast comfort food.

But taste aside, there’s something therapeutic about cooking up pancakes, and sipping hot coffee, on a lazy Sunday morning. Sometimes the kids are watching their favorite cartoons. Sometimes I have a helper(s) to crack the eggs and stir the batter. And of course, other times things are insane because Thing 2 wiped his boogers on Thing 1, while Thing 3 is raiding the cupboard for crackers because Thing Mom can’t flip the flapjacks fast enough. In the end, the final result is full bellies and happy memories of sharing a delicious, hot breakfast together.

We made some new memories last weekend in the ALDI Nerd Household with Aunt Maple’s Banana Chocolate Pancake Mix, which let me tell you is fabulous!





aunt maple's banana chocolate  pancake mix


What did we love about these?

They are so incredibly moist! The banana flavor is just right. It’s strong…but not overpowering…and the bits of semi-sweet chocolate make it just sweet enough that I was eating these straight up as I was cooking them…no syrup, no whipped cream!

I love that this mix contains no preservatives or artificial colors, and is flavored naturally.  Plus, if you’re not in a pancake mood, just add a little more butter or oil and cook this mix up as a batch of waffles. (Waffles make great memories too!)



aunt maple's banana chocolate  pancake mix

Each box will run you $2.49 and makes about eighteen 5-inch pancakes. If Banana Chocolate isn’t calling your name, be sure to check out the Pumpkin Spice variety, and let me know how it is!


The ALDI Nerd Grade: A

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