The ALDI Nerd tries Kerrygold Butter

kerrygold butter

They say that butter makes everything better, but is one butter better than another? I have heard people RAVE about Kerrygold Butter, and they get SO excited when it shows up at ALDI Stores because of the AMAZING Price ($2.89 per 8 oz). When this seasonal item popped up in stores last month, I bought a bar to see what the fuss was all about!



Kerrygold Butter


I normally purchase Countryside Creamery Butter (Spreadable & Stick), and the first thing I noticed is that the Kerrygold comes in a big chunk, rather than sticks. (I believe you can purchase sticks elsewhere). Also, the color is a deeper yellow than typical butter. I don’t know if this is the grass-fed/happy cow-ness/Irish magic that makes it this way, but it’s definitely more yellow.

How does it taste? All of my readers were indeed correct: Kerrygold Butter IS tastier than regular old butter. I’m having a hard time putting it in to words, though. It’s a little creamier tasting…a little saltier…a little richer…everyone was right: You can’t just explain it, it just tastes better.

While ALDI is supposed to have a most excellent price on Kerrygold Butter at $2.89 per half pound, the deal seeker in me just can’t pass up the Countryside Creamery brand for $2.99 (and sometimes less!!) for a whole pound. So I’d give this an “A” for taste, but for the simple fact the price won’t cause me to convert butter brands, I grade this a “B”.

This is a Seasonal Item (I’m guessing through the holidays?) so if you’re a lover of the KG Magic, you better go stock up!!


The ALDI Nerd Grade: B

Grading Scale

  • A = Excellent! I LOVE this product!
  • B = Good! I really like this!
  • C = This is just okay. I just kind of like this.
  • D = Not Great. I’ll keep it, but probably won’t buy another.
  • F = BUMMER! I’ll probably return this to the store.




3 thoughts on “The ALDI Nerd tries Kerrygold Butter”

  1. I’ve seen Irish people laugh at Americans’ delight with Kerrygold, they say it’s an ordinary brand there. So I’m not sure if it’s better or not but I’d rather have a steak for that much money per pound and enjoy Aldi butter. It’s only double A versus my local store brand’s triple A but I can’t tell the difference and it’s almost always less expensive and I use it almost daily. As always Yay Aldi!

  2. I love it. I don’t use it for cooking or everyday, just for homemade pancakes and waffles, baked potatoes and when I have guests. I bet it is good melted to dip Lobster in.

  3. This butter tastes like what my mom churned 50+ years ago. Yes grassfed cows is why the butter is more yellow due to a higher butterfat. I use it on toast, pancakes, places where the taste will shine through, not so much for cooking etc. I still use the Aldi butter too but this is a nice addition for the holidays. You can freeze butter.

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