Bakehouse Creations Apple Oatmeal Cookie Dough

bakehouse creations apple oatmeal cookie dough

You’ve had the perfect chili/stew simmering all day in the slow cooker on a chilly, fall day. Why not really make the meal with hot, fresh cookies courtesy of Bakehouse Creations Apple Oatmeal Cookie Dough.

This ALDI Find can be found in the refrigerated section and could not be any easier to make. All you gotta do is break the dough apart (12 portions to be exact), place on a cookie sheet and bake in the oven at 325 degrees F for 14-16 minutes. Also enclosed, is what appears to be a small packet of cinnamon sugar. No where in the directions does it say what to do with this little packet, so I sprinkled it on top after the cookies were baked. I’m thinking I should have sprinkled it on BEFORE I baked, because the cinnamon sugar just seemed to roll off the cookies..oops!



bakehouse creations apple oatmeal cookie dough


The family and I enjoyed these! I love the chewiness from the oats and chunks of apple. I cooked mine for 15 minutes to start and they were not done in the middle. I did a couple more minutes and they still seemed too gooey inside. So I put them in for another 4 minutes, and that seemed to do the trick. I’d say try it for 14-15 minutes at first, and go from there since every oven is different. The apples are great in it, but I think the moisture from them makes it harder for the cookies to bake evenly. The next time I make these, I’m so crumbling these up over vanilla ice cream and topping with hot caramel sauce. (I’m so bad I know!!)



bakehouse creations apple oatmeal cookie dough

You can get these easy-to-make cookies for only $2.49 a package at ALDI while supplies last. There is also a Pumpkin Cream Cheese variety that I have yet to try! Has anyone else given it a go? How was it?


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