Huntington Home TimberWick Wooden Wick Candles

Huntington Home TimberWick Wooden Wick Candle

I always get in to the fall spirit by putting out my many harvest time decorations, but there’s something nice about the house smelling like fall to really pull it all together. Huntington Home TimberWick Wooden Wick Candles are here to do just that.




Huntington Home TimberWick Wooden Wick Candles Huntington Home TimberWick Wooden Wick Candles

I had never heard of a Wood Wick Candle before these, and if you’re wondering too here’s what I discovered. Wood Wick candles are meant to burn brighter, more evenly,  and produce a nice warm glow. The fragrance on these are amazing and fill my whole downstairs with a pleasant aroma.  Because the wick is made of wood, it gives off a crackling sound too.  I don’t notice the crackling too much when I’m burning it, but that is probably because my house is very loud with munchkins, ha! I love the look of these as well, the glass jar and wooden lid are absolutely beautiful and make a nice decor item for just about any room in the house.

This ALDI Find is $5.99 for a 10 oz candle and will only be around while supplies last.  I picked up the Pumpkin Butter scent and LOVE IT, but if pumpkin isn’t your thing, it is also available in Fireside, Vanilla Bean, and Cinnamon Chai.


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  1. Hello. I’m in love with your Corn & Chili Salsa and have not been able to buy it since April! I live in the Villages in Florida. I watch your ads EVERY week and I have not seen it in your stores since then. PLEASE tell me when or where I can buy this again. Thank you, Bobbie

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