SimplyNature Organic Spinach & Feta Pizza

simplynature organic spinach & Feta pizza

Those who know me know that FETA CHEESE is my JAM! I put the stuff on EVERYTHING! So imagine my excitement when ALDI put it on a pizza just for me! (Ha!) SimplyNature Organic Spinach & Feta Pizza came out not too long ago and is found in the frozen section for $5.99 (I think! I can’t find my receipt anymore so don’t quote me on this!)

This pizza, from the SimplyNature line, is not only organic, but also free from 125 common food additives. Check out these ingredients…nothing funky here!


simplynature organic spinach & Feta pizza



This is not the biggest pizza I’ve ever seen, about the size of my dinner plates, so you’ll want to get an extra if you’re planning to feed the whole family. (The packaging states this serves 3). The pizza itself is really good though. It has a really yummy red sauce on it, and of course topped with lots of spinach, feta, and ooey gooey cheese. ALDI had a Spinach & Goat Cheese Pizza back in February, that I enjoyed a bit a more, but this one was pretty tasty, and do recommend it to all of my fellow spinach/feta loving nerds out there.


simplynature organic spinach & feta pizza


This is another one of those ALDI Finds that won’t be around long, so go get a few to stock in the freezer!

The ALDI Nerd Grade: B

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