Heart to Tail Pet Auto Waterer

heart to tail pet auto waterer

The one thing that I struggle with as a blogger is getting a chance to review everything I buy in a timely manner. I don’t have any special ALDI hookup where I get products early, or for free. I just pretty much go grocery shopping like all of you, and try to write blog posts about what I buy in between all the other #momlife stuff.  Plus with ALDI Finds being so popular, by the time I get to actually try out products, it may already be sold out at stores.

That being said, I wanted to squeak out a quick post about this Heart to Tail Pet Auto Waterer that I bought a few weeks back. One thing I struggle with is remembering to keep the dog’s water dish full! (Don’t worry, our little Mimi never goes thirsty. She’ll give us a woof when it’s out.)

Heart to tail pet auto waterer
The ALDI Nerd Dog, Mimi Macaroni, trying to get a little sun.


This Auto Waterer has been a lifesaver. I filled it up 2 1/2 weeks ago, and it STILL had water in it this morning.  You simply fill the large tank with cool water, insert it in to the base, twist it to lock, and fresh, clean water dispenses in to the bowl area.  As your pet drinks from it, more water from the tank comes down to fill the bowl.


heart to tails pet auto waterer

Since I hadn’t changed the water in a couple weeks, I emptied it today. Even though the tank and bowl already seemed clean, I washed all the parts in warm soapy water, and rinsed really well, anyway. While this seems sturdy enough, I wouldn’t recommend washing this in the dishwasher or very hot water, because I could see this causing the water tank to crinkle up.


This is great if you’re going on vacation, or for every day if you’re forgetful like me. The tank holds 1.6 gallons of water and will keep your pet happy and hydrated. This was the best $8.99 I’ve spent in awhile.

These are an ALDI Find, so be sure to get one before they’re gone!


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4 thoughts on “Heart to Tail Pet Auto Waterer”

  1. Is this Pet Waterer BPA safe? I Bought one and can’t find anything about being BPA free, so I will be returning it. Other plastics when in the heat will get a plastic taste to the water. When this happens, the water is contaminated and I believe could eventually cause cancer. This happened to me with the 3 pack box of water, sold at Giant Eagle Grocery store, the water was in the hot delivery truck and was not fit to drink,it had a plastic taste. Dogs can’t tell you, if it doesn’t taste right. I love Aldi’s products. If you were to sell a pet waterer that is BPA free, I would buy it.

    1. Hi Pat!

      I’m not sure if this is BPA-free. I didn’t see anything on the package that stated it was. I don’t work for ALDI (just an avid shopper) but you can contact ALDI directly via their website (www.aldi.us) and they could probably answer your question for you. We are keeping ours inside, out of the sunlight so hopefully it will be ok for our pooch. Thanks for the info!

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