SimplyNature Freeze Dried Apple Variety Pack

SimplyNature Freeze Dried Apple Variety Pack hit the shelves at ALDI last week, and I’m already on my second box!

Each box contains five 7 gram pouches, (3 Freeze Dried Fuji Apples and 2 Freeze Dried Fuji Apples with Cinnamon). The apples are peeled, and are very light and crunchy. I like them, the kids love them, and what a great way to get in some extra fruit on-the-go. These would be great in a steamy, hot bowl of oatmeal too! 

While these taste great, there are a few things I’m not sold on.

I wish the package was bigger. My big family cruises through these in no time. We need a gimundo family pack. 10 count minimum.

I wish these were all the same flavor. Give me all Cinnamon or all Plain. Having only 2 cinnamon in the package always makes one kiddo sad that they didn’t get one. 

I wish these were more cost effective. I’m pretty sure all freeze dried fruit is going to be on the pricier side.  I’ve read that freeze drying is one of the most energy intensive methods of preserving food, which could explain this. However at $2.89 a box, I’m more likely to just go buy a 3 lb bag of fresh apples for $2.99 and call it a day. I feel more “full” eating a fresh apple, than a pouch of freeze-dried apples. However, if this gets my kids excited about eating fruit, I’ll gladly spend the extra money on this as opposed to a bag of chips.

The ALDI Nerd Grade: B

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