SimplyNature Herbs & Spices Popcorn

SimplyNature Herbs & Spices Popcorn

It seems like I simply cannot stop writing about ALDI’s SimplyNature product line! Today we have SimplyNature Herbs & Spices Popcorn. These are an ALDI Find, and are only around while supplies last.

This isn’t my absolute favorite pre-popped popcorn in the world, but I like it. The main star of the show here is…dill!  I love dill, and expect to see it in my veggie dip and pickles, but it is an interesting flavor combo to find on popcorn. Something about it works well enough though, and if you like dill you may like this too.

If dill isn’t your thing, there is also an Olive Oil & Sea Salt variety available. You can get a 5 oz bag of either flavor for $1.89.

SimplyNature Herbs & Spices Popcorn

The ALDI Nerd Grade: C

Grading Scale

  • A = Excellent! I LOVE this product!
  • B = Good! I really like this!
  • C = This is just okay. I just kind of like this.
  • D = Not Great. I’ll keep it, but probably won’t buy another.
  • F = BUMMER! I’ll probably return this to the store.

What are your thoughts? Do you think this is dill-licious?