My Favorite Things: Coffee Edition

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I am a huge fan of ALDI’s Barissimo Coffee product line. Currently, I have the Fair Trade Dark Roast stocked in my kitchen, but also enjoy Fair Trade Medium and Breakfast Blend on occasion. I love that there are so many options! You can purchase whole bean, ground, single-serve cups, and even organic. Most of the time you’re going to find your self spending $6 and up on a 12 oz bag of name brand coffee, however, Barissimo retails for only $3.99!

Because I’m so passionate about my morning coffee, I felt the need to share with my fellow Nerds, some of my favorite coffee-related items that you can use to enjoy your Barissimo with. I’ll start off with a couple of my faves, and update as I discover new ones!

My Travel Mug

An issue I frequently run in to is being able to drink my coffee while it’s still HOT. You know how it goes…you brew a cup and you’re ready to put some creamer in, when suddenly your kiddo bursts in to the kitchen with a “major” emergency. So you go help them find that missing library book/class t-shirt they need for the field trip/homework packet, etc etc. You get the creamer in and take that first sip (that first sip is SO GOOD) when your toddler dumps their cereal all over and the dog is trying to lick it up. Then it’s “Oh no, I forgot to make lunches” so you’re scrambling to throw something together, and before you know it, you’re driving to the school and you left your coffee on the counter at home. It’s ice cold when you return. The struggle is real, folks.

Well, it was, until I got this AMAZING coffee mug for my birthday from my mother-in-law. At first it didn’t look like anything exciting, just your typical travel mug. But when I first used it and went to drink my coffee THREE HOURS LATER and it was still HOT, I was immediately sold on this magnificent unicorn travel mug.

The Bubba Hero Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug holds 18 oz of liquid and will keep it hot for up to 6 hours or cold for up to 25! I can’t attest to the 6 hours, because usually my coffee is gone by then, but I can definitely vouch for three!

The lid screws on and has a flip top cover and I haven’t had it leak yet! It’s dishwasher-safe, which I love, because there isn’t anything more annoying to me then having to wash things by hand. I want to throw it in, push the button, and have it magically come clean, ha!

It comes in Stainless Steel or this really pretty Rose Gold color on Amazon right now for just under $15! And I forgot to mention the bottom is coated in rubber (no sliding mugs!) and it has a Lifetime Guarantee. Luckily, my husband also received one from his mom, and so now I have TWO of these! (Yes, I stole it from him pretty much…sorry honey!)

My Coffee Maker

Is it a coffee maker? A coffee brewer? A Magic Bean Machine? All three? That’s what I thought.

The Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Brewer and Full Pot Coffee Maker and I have had quite the relationship over the years. I want to say we are going on about 4-5 years now off coffee brewing bliss together and she is still going strong.

I previously owned a Keurig and what I love about this Hamilton Beach one is that I have the option to either brew a single cup or brew an entire pot with just one machine sitting out on my counter. The single serve side doesn’t require any fancy coffee cups/pods because it has a reusable filter (which is dishwasher safe). Just fill the mug you plan to use with water and dump it in the water reservoir. Next, put a scoop of your $3.99 a bag Barissimo coffee grounds in there for a super economical cup of joe. Included in the base of the single side area are stackable cups that can be adjusted to fit a smaller mug or removed to accommodate your supersize travel mugs.

If we have friends and family over, it is super easy to flip the switch to “Carafe” and brew an entire pot! You can select from 2 brew strengths (Regular or Bold) and this coffee maker is programmable, so place your grounds and water in the night before, and walk down to a steaming, hot cup of coffee.  It features drip-free pouring, auto shut-off after 2 hours, and the carafe will pause if you remove it while brewing to pour a cup.

Amazon has this listed at $89.95, but it looks like it is marked down right now for only $55.12! Even paying full price, I feel this coffee maker is completely worth it. Like I said, I’ve had mine going on almost 5 years now, using it every single day, and it still brewing like a champ.

What kind of products do you use to enjoy your Barissimo coffee each day?