ALDI Grand Opening & Store Tour

aldi grand opening lapeer, mi

If you have never been to an ALDI Grand Opening, it is something that you definitely do not want to miss out on!

I went to my very first one in Lapeer, Michigan on May 25 with a good friend of mine. We arrived at 8:40 and the line was LONG! We were numbers 70 & 71 to arrive! We each were handed a small envelope by a store employee. There were gift cards in varying amounts in each one. My friend and I each won a $10 gift card and a woman a couple spots ahead of us won a whopping $100!!

aldi grand opening

At around 8:45 AM the ribbon cutting took place. The store manager said a few words, and it was very exciting to see all of the employee’s hard work come together.



After the ribbon was cut, I went and got back in line with my friend. It took a couple minutes, but moved pretty quickly! Everyone was given a cart pre-loaded with a quarter AND large reusable ALDI shopping bags!! We also got a flyer with the in-store specials and each one had a $5 of $30 purchase coupon in it. I spent about $33 on my groceries (a small trip for the ALDI Nerd for sure!) and ended up paying only $18 between the coupon and my gift card…score!!!

There was a free sample table right when we walked in, and quite a few spread throughout the store. The ALDI I normally shop at is pretty old, (I remember driving by it as a little girl on my way to Grandma’s house!) so when I walked in to this brand-spanking new one, I was totally floored! It was GORGEOUS! The ceilings, the lighting, the signage, just the overall atmosphere was AMAZING! It felt less, “discount warehouse” and more “hipster fancy-pants” grocery store. Let me tell you what I LOVE about the new ALDI layout.

The Ceilings

The ceilings seemed higher giving the store a more open feel. It was lighter, brighter, and was more pleasant to shop in!

The Entrance

Goodbye days of being forced down the “first aisle tunnel” at ALDI! Right when you walk in, you have the option of going down the first aisle, or turning to head over to the registers or any aisle you please!

The Aisles

These bad boys are WIDE! There is SO MUCH more room to maneuver your cart! Grand Opening Day was unusually busy, so it may not look like it on my videos (posted below), but trust me they are BIG! I also loved that the aisles are split in half. There is one main aisle that runs perpendicular to the shelves so you’re able to jump over to the next aisle, without having to finish the first one.


The new produce section is seriously gorgeous! There is a main center display with all non-refrigerated produce, stacked twice as high as your typical ALDI. The shelving unit itself, gives it more of an upscale feel to the area. Say bye-bye to the yellow signs which are now replaced with smaller, classier looking black and white signs directly above each item.

That’s not all! ALDI now has an open air cooler of REFRIGERATED PRODUCE packed full of assorted berries, salad mixes, greens, and more!

Household Goods/Baby

At my ALDI, we have a small household items aisle and a little end cap for baby items. This one looks to be much bigger and had more variety of items.

ALDI Finds

There seems to be one full aisle of ALDI Find items. I’ve seen it spit in to two areas at other stores, and this seems to be a much better layout for them.

Refrigerator/Freezer Cases

The center freezer case at this ALDI is the hugest I have ever seen. The cooler doors are nicely labeled so you can find what you are looking for fast, and speaking of those cooler doors…they are sleek and bright!

See For Yourself!

I could write more about it, or you could check out all my FACEBOOK LIVE video I recorded and see for yourself! (There are more than one because well, let’s just say my maiden voyage with Facebook Live, was definitely a learning experience, ha!)






Checking Out

Whoever was running the front end did an excellent job directing all those excited shoppers! I thought my friend and I were going to be standing in line FOREVER to pay for our groceries, but the line moved super fast for as long as it was. We each received ANOTHER ALDI reusable shopping bag at check out and there was even someone there to load the bag with our groceries. I’m sure it was a special Grand Opening thing, but still super cool!





ALDI Nerd Grade: A+++++++


ALDI is spending 1.6 billion dollars to renovate and expand 1,300 US stores by 2020. Have you visited the new and improved ALDI redesign? What do you think? Yay or nay?