Fresh Farmed Mediterranean Herb Atlantic Salmon

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I don’t know if you saw my Instagram post from last week, but my ALDI has started carrying FRESH FISH! I have been hearing from readers of fresh seafood sections popping up in their ALDI stores across the country. Let me tell you, this stuff is BEAUTIFUL!

I went shopping yesterday and could not pass up this GORGEOUS looking Fresh Farmed Mediterranean Herb Atlantic Salmon.

It comes in convenient shrink wrapped packaging and runs $8.99/lb. (The salmon pictured above weighs in at just over one pound.) The salmon itself is from Chile and processed in the USA.

I followed the stove-top directions on the back of the packaging. I heated a skillet with a little oil to medium-high. Then I put in the fish and cooked for 3 minutes, flipped it, and cooked for another 3 minutes. However, the thick end still seemed raw when I pulled it off the stove.

After a quick Google search, I wrapped it in foil, stuck it on a baking sheet, and cooked at 400 degrees for 25 minutes. It was slightly overcooked, but oh my still so super delicious!!! I LOVED the seasoning on this! If you wanted to season this yourself, you can buy the salmon au natural as well. (You may want to try McCormick Gourmet Cedar Plank Salmon Seasoning…it’s one of my faves!)

Seasoned and unseasoned Tilapia is available as well, and also Fresh Atlantic Salmon Side.

Does your ALDI carry fresh fish now? If so, what kinds? How are you cooking it up? (I LOVE seafood, but definitely need help preparing it!)

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