Epic Paper Towel Battles: Boulder Ultra vs Kirkland Premium

My last encounter with Boulder Paper Towel was not a pleasant one.  I didn’t want to write all the varieties off, however, so the other week I picked up a package of Boulder Ultra Paper Towel to try.  The outer package says to “Compare to Bounty”.  I don’t buy Bounty, so I decided to compare it to the brand I DO purchase regularly: Kirkland Premium Paper Towel from Costco.

I’m not anti-Bounty. I just typically find myself shopping at Costco and find it easier to buy a huge pack of it and not have to worry about running out for awhile. The Kirkland Premium is the best buy, so that’s what we get, and we have been happy buying it in years past.

So how do the two stack up against one another?

A Little Background

Boulder Ultra Paper Towel comes in a multi-pack of 8 rolls, each containing 52 – 2-ply sheets/roll and retails for $5.99.

Kirkland Premium Paper Towel comes in a multi-pack of 12 rolls, each containing 160 – 2-ply sheets/roll and retails for $15.69.

Does it work?

The Boulder Paper Towel is soft, absorbent, and GREAT at cleaning up spills! It tears off the roll neatly and I have not had any struggles at all. This is LIGHT YEARS better than the Boulder Easter Print Paper Towel I purchased back in March. I would be happy using Boulder Ultra or Kirkland Premium. They are pretty comparable.

What’s the downside?

A downside to Boulder Ultra is that it does not come in “Create-a-Size”. Kirkland Brand allows you to choose a small sheet for little spills or a larger sheet for a big spill. This is not a deal breaker for me personally, but thought it was worth mentioning to the readers out there.

Which is more cost effective?

Short answer? Kirkland Premium. However, not by much.

To calculate which is the better value, you need to take the package price and divide it by the amount of square feet for the entire package.

Kirkland Premium- $15.69 / 1,026.756 square feet = approximately 1.5 cents/square foot

Boulder Ultra – $5.99 / 330.55 square feet = approximately 1.8 cents/square foot

If the Kirkland Premium came in the same size as Boulder Ultra, you would essentially be looking at a dollar price difference between the two. When you factor in that Costco requires a membership to shop (another out of pocket expense), I think this difference is pretty negligible.


I find both paper towels to be equally great and will continue to purchase both! It’s nice to know I have another economical option besides Costco!






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