Specially Selected Gourmet Macaroni & Cheese

Can something taste delicious, but smell funky at the same time? This does!

Specially Selected Gourmet Macaroni & Cheese is an ALDI Find that debuted this week and comes in three flavors: Sun-dried Tomato Mascarpone, Pesto, and Truffle.  It is found on the grocery shelves for $1.79 and cooks up like a typical boxed pasta.

First, boil 2 1/2 cups of water. When it’s bubbling, pour in the pasta and sauce mix and cook on medium for 12-14 minutes, or until all the liquid is absorbed. What you’re left with is this:

I picked up a box of the Truffle flavor to try today and noticed as soon as I poured the powdered sauce mix in to the pan, that it had a very strong odor. I don’t think anything was spoiled, just that this may be how truffles smell? I’m not very familiar with truffles. I just know that they’re kind of like super fancy mushrooms and people go hunting in the woods for them and either eat or sell them for lots of money. Not my idea of fun, but to each his own.

While it was cooking, I was nervous about taking a bite, but for the love of the blog, I did it, and I was surprised that this was actually quite delicious! The pasta was the perfect texture, and the sauce was creamy and cheesy with a hint of the truffles.

I don’t know if I’d get the Truffle flavor again. While it tasted great, it’s too difficult to try and hold my nose while it’s cooking. I’m thinking the Pesto or Sun-dried Tomato Mascarpone is more The ALDI Nerd speed.

Who has tried this gourmet Mac and cheese before? What are your thoughts?

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  1. I bought 4 boxes of this and 4 boxes of the pesto flavor for my son who loved it the first time around. I did my truffle one (2 boxes) in the Instant Pot. Truffles do have a stronger flavor thus the smell. I would definitely buy these again! I love Aldi’s!

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