Boulder Easter Print Paper Towel Roll

I wasn’t expecting to review this, so I never bothered to snap a pic and grabbed this photo off of the ALDI USA Website.  It was actually on accident these ended up in my cart, thanks to a cute little toddler I had in tow. Even after loading everything on to the belt, bagging all my groceries, I then noticed when I went to put everything away that this Boulder Easter Print Paper Towel Roll had made its way home with us. #mombrain

These are super pretty and have a nice Spring tulip design all over them. I like that they are “multi-sized” so I can grab a little sheet for a little mess or a few for bigger spills. They are an ALDI Find this week and you can grab a roll for yourself for $0.99. However, you may not WANT to.

When I took them out of the package, I noticed they didn’t feel like paper towels I normally buy. They are on the stiff side and quite thin. The “giant roll” claim printed on the package feels a bit misleading too, because this is definitely not the most giant roll of paper towel I have ever seen.

My biggest complaint though, is that these are not easy to use. I’m a mom and I’m constantly running by the paper towel holder in my kitchen to clean up the latest spilled milk disaster or to wipe up sticky hands before I have peanut butter hand prints all over the walls (kids are FAST!), but every time I go to tear a sheet off, this happens:



The paper towel will NOT tear cleanly off the roll. I even tried slowing down and *carefully* removing sheets from the roll and still I’m left with a jagged piece of paper towel.

Next time I’m due to stock up, I’ll give some other Boulder paper towel varieties a fair try, but as for these, I’m going to try my hardest to make sure they don’t end up making their way home again.

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  1. I also gave up on Aldi paper towels today. Last year, they had the select a size in the towels designed to be like Bounty. They were great. Now they only have the whole sheet in those towels. I don’t like only the whole sheet, but the worst is that one sheet doesn’t tear off when I grab with one hand in the middle of cooking. When I attempt to tear off one sheet, the towels just unroll. Then, I need to stop and roll up the towels and slowly tear off just one towel. I’ve already gone back to the Sam’s Club tear a sheet in the kitchen and will use the Aldi towels only for cleaning.

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