Easy Home 9″ Laminator

After The Great Waffle Maker Disappointment of 2017, I wasn’t having high hopes for this Easy Home 9″ Laminator. I pulled it out of the box today and gave it a whirl and…


The box contains not only the laminator itself, but also comes with 30 laminating pouches!

  • 10 – 1.97 x 3.23 inch pouches (would be good for name badges or business card sized items)
  • 10 – 5 x 7 inch pouches
  • 10 – 8.5 x 11 inch pouches

Refill sets of 40 are also available in-store (assorted sizes) for $4.99

This was super easy to use!

  1. First, find the item you wish to laminate and slide it in to the appropriate sized pouch, putting the edge of your project to as flush to the sealed edge of the pouch as you can.
  2. Plug in the laminator on a heat safe surface and switch it to “on”.
  3. The Ready Circle on top starts off blue, but switches to red when the laminator is preheated and ready to rock! (This takes about 1.5-2 minutes).
  4. Once it is preheated, find the opening with the arrow pointing inward, and gently guide your pouch, sealed edge first, in to the laminator.
  5. Do not force the pouch through. The laminator will gently pull it through on its own, and out the other side. Check out my fancy video below to see it in ACTION!

Now you have a fully laminated item! Use scissors to trim off the excess plastic if you wish.

Be sure to read the instructions included to get the full low down on your brand new laminator. There is even a QR code to scan on the box that takes you to a great video with more info on how to use it. This product has a 3 year guarantee.

I almost forgot the best part! This laminator only costs $12.99! But don’t dilly dally too long, because this is an ALDI Find and will only be in stores while supplies last.

4 thoughts on “Easy Home 9″ Laminator”

  1. This item is a piece of ****! ABS button doesn’t work. No way to take the laminator apart when it jams. Waste of money!!!

    1. Hi Cynthia! Sorry your laminator isn’t working out for you 🙁 Mine has been great so far! If you’re having issues be sure to take it back to the store for a full refund. ALDI has a great return policy and I’ve never had an issue returning anything, even without a receipt! Thanks for reading!

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