Bremer Chicken Spinach Artichoke Lasagna Rolls

Talk about a super easy dinner! Bremer Chicken Spinach Artichoke Lasagna Rolls are an ALDI Find found in the freezer section. There is also a Cheese variety available.

Each package contains 8 rolls (2 trays, 4 rolls each) and offers microwave and conventional oven directions. I made the whole box and followed the oven directions. (Note: These require a jar of your favorite sauce. Tonight I used Priano Four Cheese Alfredo Sauce.)

How does one make lasagna rolls?

  • Pour some of your sauce in to an oven-safe dish, just enough to barely coat the bottom.
  • Arrange frozen lasagna rolls in the dish.
  • Pour the rest of your sauce on top.
  • Bake at 375 degrees for 35-40 minutes (I did 40).
Ready to pop in the oven!
  • Let stand for 2 minutes before serving.
  • Even though this is packed with spinach and artichokes, serve with a side salad or veg for even more veggie power! Yeah!

The verdict?

  • These are incredibly easy to make. Perfect for any busy parent. You pop it in the oven and forget about it for 40 minutes. Love, love, love.
  • Make for a family or just for one. The way these are packaged you could really take out as much (or as little) as you need and adjust the amount of sauce you use and the size of your baking dish. The rolls are individually frozen so bake one or bake the whole box!
  • These are good. I can tell these are nicely made. I like the cheeses used in the filling and the noodles are just the right texture. However, with this particular variety….
  • The artichoke is the star of the show! If you are an artichoke fan you are going to absolutely love these. I like artichokes and love to devour spinach artichoke dip at parties, however, the artichoke flavor was too front and center for me with these. I am more of a spinach fan with a slight artichoke side note. My husband agreed that these were good, but the artichoke flavor needed to be toned down some. One of my kids gobbled it up artichoke and all, while the others were not fans.

Despite that, I am so excited about these because I think a lot of you artichoke loving readers out there will probably really like it! I know that I am for SURE going to go back and see if I can get the more neutral Cheese variety and bake with a red sauce, because I was impressed with the quality and ease of these Chicken Spinach Artichoke ones.

Get these lasagna rolls while they last for $5.69 a box! Any ALDI Nerds out there try these? Which sauces did you pair with which rolls?