Fusia Shrimp & Avocado Roll

These little guys caught my eye in the freezer case last week. Fusia is ALDI’s Asian inspired product line. There is a wide variety of Fusia items throughout the store including frozen stir-fry dinners, noodle bowls, eggrolls, potstickers, Asian dips and sauces, snacks and a whole lot more.

The Fusia Shrimp and Avocado Roll has 15 pieces of fully-cooked sushi with a small packet each of soy sauce and wasabi.

Still frozen – straight out of the package

There are three different methods to defrost: In the microwave, submerged in a water bath, or simply letting it sit out at room temperature for 2 hours. I decided to choose the latter, and let it sit out. 
2 hours passed by and while it wasn’t frozen any more, after taking a bite, the rice was still very cold and felt mushy. I know sushi rice is on the sticky side but I couldn’t feel any definition between the individual grains of rice. I sealed it up and stored it in the fridge in hope some time would make it better.

Thawed – 2 hours on the counter and 4-5 hours in the refrigerator

Later in the evening, I decided to give it one more try. This time, it was not as cold and tasted much better. The rice was more defined and not mushy in my mouth. The avocado wasn’t bad, just really tiny so I wasn’t getting a whole lot of flavor from that. I mostly tasted rice with the shrimp salad-like filling.

So in short, while it’s only $4.99, you probably just want to skip this.

If I lived somewhere rural where sushi joints were few and far between and I had a serious hankering for it, I may buy this. But I live less than a mile from a really delicious sushi restaurant and the frozen Fusia just doesn’t compare.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Fusia items though. We love their Stir-Fry Dinners (frozen veggies and sauce — just add meat!) and I can’t wait until Crunchy Rice Rolls come back in stock!