Never Shopped at ALDI?


I started shopping at ALDI because I didn’t have time for tracking sales and clipping coupons.  I wanted to go to one place where I could get reasonably priced groceries and not compromise on quality. ALDI is a place where many of their every day prices would be a sale price at a traditional grocery store, and many of their products are just as good, if not better, than national brands.  There are other things that separate ALDI from the rest, such as:


Bring a quarter to get a cartYes, you essentially “rent” a cart each time you shop at ALDI (located outside the store). Before I got my awesome quarter keeper, I always had a designated “ALDI Quarter” stashed in my van. (If you ever forget, the cashiers are always happy to make change).

 Watch my live Facebook video that shows how the carts work!

wp-image-900828849jpg.jpgMy ALDI Love Quarter Keeper from Darling Amber’s Creations.


Pop the quarter in the mechanism on cart handle and your cart is magically “unlocked”! Your quarter will be returned to you when you bring your cart back to the corral and lock it back up to the others. Insert the key in to the lock of the cart in front of it and the quarter pops right out! Renting a cart is one of many ways ALDI cuts costs and is able to reflect that in their every day prices. No wandering carts = no employees needed to chase them = more savings to you.

Bring your own bags Another way ALDI passes on the savings is by not providing bags.  Bags (plastic, paper, and reusable) are available for purchase at the checkout ranging from $0.08 up to $1.99 for a nice big reusable bag. (I think I remember seeing thermal bags last time I went, but didn’t catch a price!)  After your grocery order is complete, you take your cart to the loading counter behind the registers and pack your own groceries.

Seriously so cute!! – Standard Size Reusable Bag – $0.89

Vino…my fave!! – Oversized Reusable Bag – $1.99

ALDI Stores are smaller than most grocery stores  – This may sound like a bad thing, but after shopping at ALDI for some time now, the thought of having to shop at a big box grocery store stresses me out! The ALDI I shop at has about 5 or 6 main aisles with coolers covering 2 walls with refrigerated and frozen items. Notice no fancy displays here either. Many of their items are displayed either on their original palettes or original shipping packaging to reduce time and manpower stocking shelves. I could go on trying to describe a typical ALDI store to you, but the best way is it to see it in this ALDI Virtual Tour I found the the ALDI US website.


 ALDI sells their own brandsNow and then you will find a National Brand Item for a special price, but it is few and far between. For example, when you are walking in to an ALDI store to buy salsa, instead of choosing from 50 different varieties/sizes, you may have a choice of 4 or 5: mild, medium, and a few specialty ones. There is only one choice of mustard. There are only two choices of ketchup (regular and organic). This has been life changing for me, because less choices = faster shopping trips! ALDI has a wide range of specialty brands (including organic and gluten-free options) that you can check out here.


The ALDI Double Guarantee – Did you purchase something at ALDI that wasn’t quite up to par? Take it back to the store to take advantage of their Double Back Guarantee: Replace the product AND refund your money! (The Double Guarantee does not apply to non-food Special Buy items, alcohol, national brands and non-quality related issues.) Boom. No excuses. Go shop now.