Bremer Chicken Quinoa & Kale Ravioli

I admit, when I saw this in-store, I was very puzzled. The thought of all those ingredients stuffed inside a ravioli kind of made my head spin. With ALDI’s Double Back Guarantee though, I figure it couldn’t hurt to try and these made their way inside my cart.

I cooked some up and was pleasantly surprised it was not  “weird” like I thought it would be. Each ravioli mostly contains cheese and ground chicken (pretty common) and a “sprinkling” of quinoa and kale. I was expecting a mouthful of quinoa inside of a noodle which would be an odd texture, but that was totally not the case!

My youngest and I ate these plain, but I know most folks would probably like these with marinara (ALDI has a good one for 99 cents a jar!!). I’m definitely glad I gave this a shot! Pick yours up in the frozen section for $2.99.