Millville Instant Oatmeal: Coffee Variety



Yes, you just read that correctly.  ALDI took two of my favorite breakfast items and mushed them in to one product!

This 8 pack of Millville Instant Oatmeal boasts 3 delicious coffee themed flavors: Caramel Macchiato, French Vanilla Cappuccino, and Cafe Mocha. I like that there are no artificial flavors and the sugar content isn’t too crazy (11g/serving) like some other instant oatmeals out there.

The big kids and I tried out the Cafe Mocha flavor this morning and it was a hit! I was definitely digging the coffee flavor, while the kids were saying it reminded them of pancakes with syrup. (Who knows?)

My only gripe about this particular product is the print on the Cafe Mocha packages was so light I couldn’t read it…not even after holding it under a light. Luckily there were directions printed on the box also. At $2.49 each, it isn’t the BEST deal I have seen for instant oatmeal, but it is definitely the most UNIQUE flavor I have ever seen and to me, worth spending a little extra!